Screenings & Events

A River Twice
Femmes Cinéastes
Centre Pompidou
22 November and 1 December 2019

A River Twice and A Pocketful of Song
25 October 2019

Vyv and Beat
Artist Film Workshop: selected works 2009-2019
Australian Centre for the Moving Image
14 April 2019

Vyv and Beat
A Collected Gaze 3: Artist Film Workshop
Austrian Film Museum
7 February 2019

A Pocketful of Song
Brisbane International Film Festival
13-14 October 2018

Gregory J. Markopoulos and the Cantrills: The Language of the Image
programmed by Audrey Lam and Keegan O'Connor
Clemenger Auditiorium, National Gallery of Victoria
2 July - 10 July 2018


Untitled film
Inland 18.4: Not Attached Nor Separate in Space
Artist Film Workshop with Inland
7 June 2018


Alice is Everywhere
curated by Audrey Lam, Alena Lodkina and Keegan O’Connor
Australian Centre of Moving Image (ACMI)
19 May - 2 June 2018


A River Twice
Elective Affinities
Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival
3-7 May 2018


A River Twice
MIFF Shorts at Fed Square
(most) Wednesdays 1pm, March - April 2018


A River Twice
International Panorama
9pm 4 March 2018
Cairo International Women’s Film Festival
3-9 March 2018


A River Twice
Compétition courts métrages
4:30pm 12 March 2017 & 4:30pm 14 March 2017
Festival International de Films de Femmes de Créteil
9-18 March 2018


Travel film
CRYBABY Screening
curated by recess
Outer Space ARI, Brisbane
7pm 25 January 2018


Magic Miles
Dead End Film Festival
Coburg Drive-in
8pm-1am 24 November 2017


Travel film
CRYBABY Screening
curated by recess
8 November 2017


Travel film
Image Inverts
Artist Film Workshop
5.30 pm 4 November 2017
Home Movies
Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia
27 October to 2 December 2017


Taking a line for a walk: films by Audrey Lam, George Clark and Madeleine Martiniello
Bargoonga Nganjin North Fitzroy Library
3pm-5pm 28 October 2017


Travel film
Image Inverts
Artist Film Workshop
Close-Up Film Centre, London
7:30pm 16 October 2017


A River Twice
Ways of Seeing
Heart of Gold Film Festival
5-8 October 2017

A River Twice
Australian Shorts
1:30pm 13 August 2017 & 9pm 19 August 2017
Melbourne International Film Festival
3-20 August 2017


A River Twice
Atravessamentos do Presente
5pm 1 October 2017 & 4:30pm 7 October 2017
Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival
29 September - 8 October 2017


Travel film
Artist Film Workshop exhibition curated by Giles Fielke
Centre of Contemporary Photography (CCP)
4 August -20 September 2018


A River Twice
AFW Shorts
Artist Film Workshop
Arena, 2 Kerr Street Fitroy
7:30pm 27 July 2017


Film x Art panel discussion
Queensland Film Festival
New Farm Cinemas
5:30pm 17 July 2018


A River Twice
Queensland Film Festival
13-23 July 2017


A River Twice
Compétition Internationale Courts Métrages
9:15pm 26 April 2017 & 8:30pm 27 April 2017
Visions du Réel
21-29 April 2017